Thursday, September 17, 2009

Anyone lost a dog ?

If you live in Queens , N.Y. (or any town really) you may see the "lost" signs posted on light posts now and again for cats or dogs that have gone missing. I always stop to read them-just in case I happen upon "Fluffy" or "Spot" while walking around the neighborhood.
Today, "Queens Crap" posted a story about an older dog that had been found and taken to a local vet. You can go here to read more and if no owner turns up and you are looking for that perfect older dog -this just might be the guy for you.
P.S. as you may already know, my cousin Rachel recently adopted "Maggie" from North Shore Animal League. I can not tell you how much love and joy (and fun) this pup has brought to all of our lives. I imagine this lovely "found" dog would be an equally wonderful addition to any family. I'd be tempted myself if I did not live in a building that strictly prohibits dogs.

Monday, September 7, 2009

some bird friends from Long Island flew across the pond...

Some of the feathered action on the plinth today-courtesy of Long Island, NYC, U.S.A.=quite a flight to get there!