Monday, August 24, 2009


We spent the day with Maggie. She is the kind of dog that cats fear. She is so sweet & fun and lovable that a day spent with her would make ANYONE want a dog of their own! Yikes! Meow!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Michael Vick ...animal lover ???

On "60 Minutes" this past Sunday newly signed Eagles player Michael Vick spelled out his defense for treating animals inhumanly. A petition exists to boycott the Eagles . Be forewarned that the petition comes with a terribly graphic photo of one of the dogs that suffered at the hands of Michael Vick.
As an animal lover , I happen to feel what Michael Vick did was unforgivable. I believe we, as a society, need to require him to do more to repair the damage he has done. I do not think that the NFL was thinking of anything but money when they reinstated him and the Eagles must have equally low standards to have actually signed him to play on their team.
Studies exist that link violence towards animals to a propensity towards violence in general. Mr. Vick's tolerance for cruelty must be very high to have done what he did. That unfortunately makes him a good candidate for committing violence towards fellow players, family, friends and strangers.
People who are in the public eye are influential. They serve as role models for others and if what the do is laudable, we all profit from their influence. If, like Mr. Vick, they personify a lack of moral compass , we are all the poorer for it. For this reason alone, Mr. Vick should be banned from playing professional football for life. He has already done enough damage and should not be placed in a position to do any further harm.
If you love animals & know right from wrong you can join me and sign the petition here.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

What "Happy Birthday" looks like @ Nicki & Sandi's place:

For Ely's birthday each August I unpack the previous 7 years wacky and wild gifts. The barking blow up dog made his reappearance , much to Nicki's delight. The best part: no one has to walk him & his bark is so cute the neighbors can't complain! Woof! 
Speaking of cats & dogs : I came across this site last night. It is a wonderful place to find a furry  friend  of your very own, donate or volunteer!